TÁBULA PROJECT. Us, the Generation.

Following the work started in 1974 by the company’s founder, Simão Moreira, the brand Tábula is launched by its descendants, in the year 2000, with the aim of creating and making furniture pieces of excellency. Project Tábula is born from the hands of three brothers, with a wide experience in the sector with the increasingly demanding market needs.

Main objective: To promote its strong skills in the development and production of extendable and fixed tables in solid and multitude of finishes and materials.

NEW TÁBULA CONCEPT. The piece is the center!

Inspired in the concept: The piece is the center! Tábula created and will be soon launching, new independent accessory furniture pieces, which will give our clients an infinite creative range of options, when decorating their own spaces.

The renovation and decoration of interior design will turn into original, innovative and balanced spaces.


TÁBULA has as main objective, for the success of the organization, to obtain the total satisfaction of its clients and simultaneously, to try to answer to the economic and social commitments. In order to reach this goal, it has a high commitment on quality, being certified through the Quality Management System, according to the norm NP EN ISO 9001-2015 in force.

Relationship with customers and suppliers

Consolidate and enhance customer relationships, fostering a close relationship with suppliers to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the products / services provided and mutually beneficial relationships. The aim is to fully satisfy customer's needs and expectations, meeting their specifications and requirements.

Involve employees


Provide to the employees the necessary training, so, when developing their activities, they do it with competence, in the search for a growing motivation for the internal work organization, aimed at increasing productivity. Provide a healthy and beneficial working environment for all employees to ensure their satisfaction.

Clients' satisfaction


Obtain the total satisfaction of its Customers, providing the requested products / services, according to their specifications and requirements, always trying to exceed their expectations, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements that J.A. & SIMAO, LDA. subscribe.


Continuous improvement


Continuosly improve the quality of our products / services, handling efficiently with possible complaints and nonconformities, promoting the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, always meeting the demands of the markets, always having high commitment on the constant improvement of working methods and tools.