Coffee Tables

Width: 0mm
Height: 0mm
Depth: 0mm
<p><span class="fontstyle0">Tábula uses, for its products, natural timbers and veneers, which can have small movements and color changes due to over time, the light itself, the temperature and humidity of the environment where the products are. These natural variations are the ones who bring up the beauty and interest for natural wood. The changes of density, color and texture in one piece of natural wood, xxxx diferences in the furniture finishings, although using the same producing processes. Therefore, in any case, these diferences can't be considered a production and/or quality flaw. We hope you can appreciate and enjoy this feature.</span></p><p>The ownership of our products will belong to J. A. & Simão, Lda. until the full payment will be totally made.</p>