Mother´s Day suggestions

Mother: ” Term used to designate a heart capable of infinite love. It is feeling for two, smiling for two, suffering for two. It is doing your best, twice. It is that one that heals with a hug. That heals a cut with a kiss. The one who gave birth (or not), the one who gave love”.

(João Doederlein)

Mother´s day is an annual event held at different dates in the calendar, depending on the country. In Portugal, we celebrate it in the first Sunday of May, and it exists to remember our mothers (or mother figures), their importance in our lives and of course, to offer them gifts to make them feel special. Because they are!

Take our mother to lunch with all the family, is a common way to celebrate this day, but in nowadays, due to the pandemic in which we are living, it could not be part of this year plans, for many.

We would love to make your mother feel special, not only today, but every day! And we dedicate this article, showing some examples, that could be part of their daily routine:

1. Dress table 360

This dress table belongs to the newest Collection 360. With plenty of storage, two drawers and a hidden section in the middle (for jewels or make-up) with a built-in mirror.

The mix of materials, wood and bronze, turn it into an elegant piece. And the stool is just beautiful!

* Presented in walnut and bronze structure, but finishes may be changed

2. Console 360

Thought as a console, it has one only drawer, but it could be perfectly used as a desk or a dress table as well. For that, we just need to add some small boxes to separate the interior and to create the necessary space for each one.

* Presented in white lacquared and bronze structure, but finishes may be changed

3. Mirror

Because a mirror like this is always necessary, in our bedroom, dress room or even in the hall, mainly when the wordrobe doesn´t include one already, we introduced recently in 360´s Collection, this option. Besides a mirror, it allows to hang the clothes behind it, it has a structure for that propose, without being seen.

* Other finishes available

4. Plant pots

To offer flowers and plants, is always a good option, to turn any ambience brighter. This high plant pot, used as one only, or together with other units, is such an elegant detail.

* Other finishes available

We hope these ideas have been useful and may inspire you.

We wish all mothers a Happy Day!

See you soon!

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