How to choose the ideal dining table taking into account the Style?

In our last post, we talked and gave tips on how to choose the best dining table taking into account the space (size and shape). Today we are going to focus on this same subject, but focused on style.

Wooden tables are still the most chosen as they offer warmth and comfort for daily use. Dust and fingerprints are less visible, and maintenance is easy.

There are other materials, such as ceramic and metal, which are also very resistant allowing to maintain the style.

Choose the style that best identifies you:

1- Traditional

In this style, Wood is the protagonist.

If you choose for example rustic oak, as a finish, it makes the style more rustic too.

NATUR table (Tábula)

Straight, simple lines and four legs define the style well. Bench on one side and wooden chairs on the other, help to complete the desired look, but it is not mandatory. You also can add all chairs in wood or upholstered in the seat.

If you like a more “mid-century” style, mix the rustic with other decorative touches, such as metal chairs and lamps and elegant upholstered chairs.

Add plants and you can create a harmonious atmosphere.

2- Modern / Minimalist

Style, comfort, functionality and minimalist decor are characteristics of this style. Straight lines and few details. Here “less is more” and the preference for light colors is evident.

IDARA table (Tábula)

3- Contemporary

Contemporary style is not a definite style. It is all that is more current, that is, based on current trends.

Influenced by the modern and minimalist style, but with other elements mixed. Combines wood, stone (marble / ceramic), glass, metal. Smooth and elegant surfaces characterize this style.

Use of neutral colors, but with highlights in stronger colors.

MERCURY table (Tábula)

4- Industrial

This style was born between 1950 and 1970, when in the USA, old and abandoned factories and warehouses were transformed into houses. Also known as a loft.

Exposed bricks, concrete, steel beams or columns. Although at that time it was not intentional, today it is often part of this type of decoration.

For those who like a more relaxed style, modern, simple and identify with the urban “charm”, this is the ideal style.

Regarding the table, wooden top and metal feet (dark gray / black) are perfect for the industrial style. Combined with chairs with black upholstery or chairs in metal (for a more minimalist style) and lamps also in metal, you will achieve harmony in this style.

CAPRI table (Tábula)

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