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Sideboards for different living spaces

Sideboards are versatile pieces that can be used to divide spaces, be used in a hallway instead of a console, or to help to get a dining room organized.

Most common sideboards:

  • Sideboard buffet

In a dining room, in addition to the table and chairs, the buffet sideboard is an essential piece of furniture. With doors and / or drawers, they are used to store dishes, trays, glasses, cutlery and textiles.

  • Sideboard bar

Used as the purpose of a bar, for a special corner of the house, where you can serve and organize glasses and bottles, and serve drinks.

  • High Sideboard

Those sideboards are the best when the goal is to maximizing storage space.

It is larger and taller and can all be closed, with openings, or glass doors, assisting in the storage or display of several objects, such as, crystals, art, books.

How to choose

In a room with bigger dimensions, there are plenty of possibilities with doors and drawers, and can even be used together with a high sideboard.

In a living space with smaller dimensions, and in order to keep room uncluttered, a smaller sideboard, or a bar sideboard, is recommended.

How to decorate

In addition to decorative elements, such as plant pots, sculptures or paintings, mirrors are an ideal choice for many architects, designers and decorators, whether single and central, or using a set of two or three. This latter is a widely used option, as it helps to create the illusion of depth.

Another tip, given by decoration specialists, is when used as a buffet sideboard, combine whenever possible with the dining table.

For the boldest and color lovers, they can opt for a neutral dining table and include a lacquered sideboard in another color to create contrast.

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