How to choose the ideal dining table taking into account the space?

Tables are the center of emotions and the heart of home. Is where we celebrate, gather and talk to each other. 

It is also often used as a workstation. Therefore, they must combine beauty and functionality.

Here are some tips to keep in mind, when it comes to sizes and shapes:

1- Measuring your space well is important. The ideal is to take into account at least 90 cm around, to circulate and move the chairs. Each person should have 60 to 65 cm of space, in order to don´t hit their elbows with each other and to be comfortable. The ideal height will be between 70 and 75 cm.

Other measures to consider:

2- Choose the best shape, taking into account:

  • If the place has enough space, rectangular shapes are the most used, since most rooms are also rectangular, therefore, it creates symmetrical environments. This is also ideal for accommodating more than 4 people.
CUBE Table (Tábula)
  • If you have a long and narrow area, choose an oval table instead. Visually, because of its rounded corners, it takes up less space and it can perfectly seat more than 4 people as well.
SAGRES Table (Tábula)

  • For smaller areas, the round shape are the ones that work better, creating a more intimate and comfortable area.
JULIE Table (Tábula)

3- If you like to invite family and friends, opt for an extendable table, where you can easily add more seats when needed.

In day-to-day life, it is intended that the space should be practical and with appropriate passageways and clean.

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In the next Post we will talk about table styles and care to take into account when buying.

Stay tuned.

See you soon

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